Hamburg, January 2021 - 2 Minutes

Fluent continues to grow despite Corona

The owner-managed agency Fluent from Hamburg continues to grow with its integrated concept with both fee revenues and the number of permanent employees increasing significantly in 2020 compared to the previous year.

More than 50 employees from the fields of strategy, consulting, creation and media now work for 20 well-known clients, many of which are household names. "We got through 2020 without having to resort to short-time work or layoffs. In fact, we exceeded our previous level of 50 permanent employees at the turn of the year, and are currently looking for additional colleagues to help manage the anticipating healthy growth predicted in 2021. The reason for this positive development is the continued increase of business for our existing clients and the successful acquisition of new business accounts. Among other things, we were able to win the NORDSEE account and very recently, we defended one of our largest media accounts, DocMorris, which we have been successfully managing since 2016, against extremely fierce competition. We see that our modern and agile concept of "strategy, creation and media from a single source" is well received by clients and is increasingly in demand. Especially since this is not an empty phrase for us, but a daily lived philosophy." Explained Management Board member Andreas Bahr

The promotion of consultant Martin Loytved should also be seen in connection with the positive development of the agency. Loytved, who has been on the board at Fluent for almost 6 years, will in future lead the entire consulting team as Client Service Director together with board member Geza Unbehagen. This puts him on an equal level with Director Stefanie Hahn and Mareen Bergstedt, who together are responsible for the classic and digital media business, PR and market research under the leadership of Andreas Bahr. Loytved also joins the circle of shareholders, which already includes Creative Director Daniel Frericks and Stefanie Hahn in addition to founders Andreas Bahr and Geza Unbehagen.

"Martin has become an extremely important contributor to Fluent's success. Not only because of his professional qualities as a consultant, but also because of his role as a culture driver. Therefore, we are more than happy that Martin has committed himself even more firmly to us." comments board member Geza Unbehagen on the decision.

Fluent was founded in Hamburg in 2013 and celebrates its 8th anniversary in May. The agency employs over 50 permanent staff and offers strategy, communication and media for all digital and analog media. From a single source. The agency serves clients such as AIDA Cruises, ARAG, animonda petcare, DocMorris, Dominos, Berenberg Bank, Hamburger Hochbahn, Glück Marmelade, the drugstore chain Müller, NORDSEE, SIXT and jeweler Wempe.

About Fluent

Fluent was founded in Hamburg in 2013 and celebrates its eighth birthday in 2021. Today, the agency employs almost 50 permanent members of staff. Fluent offers strategy and creation for all digital and analogue media. All under one roof. Clients of the agency include AIDA Cruises, ARAG, animonda petcare, DocMorris, Berenberg Bank, Hamburger Hochbahn, Glück Marmelade, the Müller chemist chain, NORDSEE, SIXT and the jeweller Wempe.

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