‘Rediscover holidays.’

The task

AIDA has been on a growth course for 20 years, so it constantly needs to expand its regular customer base. Brand and sales communication, the responsibility of Fluent since 2013, is intended to attract attention while conveying the diversity of holiday experiences with AIDA and appealing to new customers.

The solution

The ‘Rediscover holidays’ umbrella campaign was developed in order to win over first-time cruisers for the brand, adding to efficient analogue and digital campaigns and marketing activities that have been implemented since 2015. Among other things, this was done with TV commercials, social media videos, radio advertisements and campaigns featuring print, posters, online display advertising, social media campaigns and landing pages. Fluent has also managed the AIDA catalogue and the AIDA magazine since 2017.

The result

The brand awareness and likeability of AIDA have been steadily and effectively increased. New customers are more willing to make a booking and the brand image has gained important new dimensions. All of this has further strengthened AIDA’s position as a confident market leader. Additionally, tactical campaigns have repeatedly led to significant rises in cruise bookings.

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