The task

Fashion company Blonde No.8 was established by Michael Boveleth in 2011 and offers customers an exclusive range of products, specialising in parkas and jackets. The task was to increase brand awareness while supporting sales and positioning Blonde No.8 as a must-have brand. The defined core target group of the campaign were cool, fashion-conscious young people, predominantly female.

The solution


Fluent developed a strategy based on two pillars:

1. Exclusive, cross-media collaboration with a strong media brand for high, credible visibility
2. Development of three different influencer concepts with selected influencers to make use of their authentic presence on social media channels in order to position the Blonde No.8 brand

Implementation of the social media concepts as well as detailed media planning, purchasing and optimisation of the campaign took place on all online and offline channels.

The result

The cross-media cooperation with publishing houses as a branding activity supported sales in the long term and sent a positive signal to retailers. The successful use of the three influencer campaigns made it possible to appeal to a young, international target group, to raise brand awareness and to boost the fan base on social media platforms. This was reflected by an increase in online shop sales.

Results of the influencer campaign (after six months):

Growth of followers on Instagram: 462%

Increased interaction rate on Instagram: 208%

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