‘Get up and live’

The task

ARAG is an established German insurance brand with a strong foundation in legal protection. Brand communication, an area where Fluent has been responsible for creation as well as traditional and digital media since 2017, aims to shape the profile of ARAG, rejuvenating its image and positioning it as a multi-line insurance provider.n.

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The solution

Fluent developed a targeted media strategy for the target group of ‘change makers’ aged between 20 and 39, followed by a creative campaign to position ARAG as a source of support in many key life situations under the brand message ‘Get up and live’. The integrated ‘Ready for everything that lies ahead’ campaign could be seen mainly in cinemas and online.

The result

The striking moving image campaign demonstrated a great effect in a short time. Within just a few weeks, it had generated PR reports with a media value of over 2 million euros (by publications such as Spiegel, Fokus and WirtschaftsWoche), and it was named readers’ campaign of the month by Horizont. The indicators for slogan awareness, brand interest and rejuvenation were already up after the initial wave of market research, and the number of Facebook fans grew by more than 20%.