Media campaign to gain new customers

The task

As an online direct insurer, BIG aimed to gain new customers, especially among the target group of career starters and young professionals climbing the ladder. The task of Fluent was to increase brand awareness and trust with an effective media strategy (planning and implementation). It was also important to ensure a positive brand image and more direct insurance policies.

The solution

The media strategy was based on a precisely controlled out-of-home campaign that used geo-targeting, taking into account the relevant touchpoints at universities, secondary schools and fashionable parts of town, among other things. The out-of-home campaign was supplemented by targeted ambient measures. Digital and mobile campaigns with highly differentiated targeting were successfully implemented for younger target group segments in order to generate direct leads (website and call centre).

The result

Within just three months, 96% of the defined target group was reached and unaided brand awareness increased by 45%. This was done extremely efficiently: media negotiations for BIG resulted in additional gross media payments of 110%.