TV Spielfilm

‘Television closer than ever before’

The task

Thanks to new digital offers, TV Spielfilm is evolving from a print brand (a listings magazine) to a multimedia brand ‘for the best TV experience’. Fluent has been supporting this transformation since 2013, working on strategy, media and creative content. Most recently, it developed a campaign for its live TV streaming offer.

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The solution

A TV, print and online campaign was created in 2016 under the slogan ‘Television closer than ever before’. This was intended to communicate the new live TV offer in a simple and straightforward way, piquing interest and attracting new users. The concept is that TV Spielfilm allows you to decide for yourself where and when to watch television – something that makes you closer than ever before to your personal TV experience in daily life.

The result

The established goals were quickly achieved. The brand profile became more defined, while brand likeability was increased and the planned number of trial subscriptions and app downloads was exceeded in the first year.

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